About Torres Strait Real Estate

From humble beginnings

Kellie Bekker founded Torres Strait Real Estate in February 2005. At the time it was a one man real Estate agency that was run from a small home office. There had never been a Real Estate Agency in the Torres Strait before and no one knew what things were renting for. "The first major task was to establish the rental market as it was all over the place, some houses were renting for a fortune while others were rented for a pittance. There were few reliable figures and of course buyers all wanted to know what a property would rent for".

I started doing property management as well as sales just a few months after the agency was opened.

In the first few years many things were tried to boost the exposure of properties for our clients. We opened an office in Douglas Street Thursday Island but after 6 months realised that it was not necessary, all we got were a flood of people coming in looking for units and houses to rent that we didn't have. We subscribed to Realestate.com but after 6 months not one enquiry had resulted in a sale. The Torres Strait Real Estate web site was by far more visited and by people that had a genuine interest in buying or renting in the Torres Strait.

Torres Strait Real Estate evolved into a highly specialised agency with total knowledge and understanding of the unique Torres Strait property market. We are recognised as the authority on property and are regularly consulted by valuers and bank managers who are called to the islands to value property.

One of the most difficult aspects on property management in the Torres Strait is Maintenance; the tropical ocean climate means properties deteriorate quickly if not tended to promptly and regularly. We have a pool of reliable, reasonable trade's people that tend to maintenance and renovations in a professional and diligent manor. We inspect all maintenance and pay the trades people for any work done from the rent collected. Don't forget that property management fees are fully tax deductible.

It is of utmost importance to inspect your rental property every 3 months as it ensures that maintenance is picked up on promptly before more expensive repairs are needed. A leaky faucet if not fixed can rot out a kitchen cupboard.

Real Estate is the most legislated and litigated industry in Australia and in an area like the Torres Strait it's good to know there are professional people that can buy, sell and manage properties on your behalf at Cairns prices. So call us to find out what we can do for you.

Torres Strait Location Information

Thursday Island - 1 Property

Thursday Island is the business centre of the Torres Strait. Because of the strategic importance of the area, being our only adjoining border with another country and at an important major world shipping route, there are over 36 government Departments permanently located on the Island. Tourism is barely beginning to discover this region with over 100 Islands most of which are uninhabited. The unique, rich Island culture and Island atmosphere gives this region a feeling of not being a part of Australia. The local language is Creole but most people speak English as either a 1st or 2nd language.... more info

Horn Island - 2 Properties

Horn Island plays host to the international airport and is the hub for air services in the Straits. It also supplies water to Thursday Island through an underwater pipeline. The refuse dump is also located on Horn Island. Although the rental returns are almost half of that on Thursday Island this Island it remains the affordable alternative to bunched life on T.I. The Island has the musiem, Gateway Resort, Wongai Hotel and South Pacific Store. There are a number of beaches you can drive to. The bulk of the Island is owned by the Kaurarag people under native title legislation. ... more info

Prince of Wales Island - 0 Properties

The Crown of the Torres Strait, Prince of Wales Island is magnificent in it's diversity and beauty. The largest Island in the Torres Strait, but whith only about 25 families living on the scattered beaches throughout the island it offers privacy, sanctuary and a freedom that is hard to find. ... more info

Friday Island - 0 Properties

Just a short distance from the Western side of Thursday Island Friday Island is an unspoilt playground. With only two titles of land on the entire Island and only one that is Freehold the Island has been set aside for conservation. It is surrounded by white sandy beaches and is a favorate day retreat for Thursday Island residence. ... more info