Thursday Island

Thursday Island is the business centre of the Torres Strait. Because of the strategic importance of the area, being our only adjoining border with another country and at an important major world shipping route, there are over 36 government Departments permanently located on the Island. Tourism is barely beginning to discover this region with over 100 Islands most of which are uninhabited. The unique, rich Island culture and Island atmosphere gives this region a feeling of not being a part of Australia. The local language is Creole but most people speak English as either a 1st or 2nd language.

On Thursday Island there are a variety of restaurants, a supermarket and clothes shops, sporting complex including local pool and gymnasium, pharmacy, video shop, retravision, with most thing being sold locally. Almost all goods are shipped via barge from Cairns twice weekly. There are three ways to get to Thursday Island. The most popular and easiest way is to fly to Horn Island from Cairns and then catch the hourly ferry that connects Horn and Thursday Island. Or for a change of scene you may opt to come aboard the Sea swift Barge and come by sea. For the more adventurous you can drive up the Peninsula development road to Saesia where a twice weekly ferry will take you to Thursday Island.  Accommodation is very scarce on Thursday Island with our agency maintaining a 0 vacancy rate almost constantly. This Island is one of the best investment areas in the World with land doubling in value every 5 years.


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