LOCATION: 147 Unnamed Road, Horn Island PRICE: $250,000

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if when the next time, someone told you to "Get Lost", ... you could! And you could do it, so the world, could not find you.  So remote, that it could be a 'no clothes' affair, yet only 15 minutes’ drive, on an all-weather road, to an international airport, primary school, harbour, grocery store....

Less than 15kms away, Thursday Island is the bustling but, 'always on Island time' CBD of the Torres Strait. Here there are full health and education services as well as lots of great restaurants, cafes and about 3000 awesome people. Have a cold drink at the most northern pub in Australia, which packs out every Thursday night.

Disappear, yet have 360 degree, astonishingly magnificent views. Sweeping across the most northern tip of Australian continent, spanning over 8 sparkling, reef fringed Islands, dams and bushland. 

Breath, you don't hear any noise, except for sound of nature. Touch rich history, as you marvel at the world war 2 bunkers left at this property. Or if you’re a Dooms Day prepper, you can stock them up and close the doors.

Very defendable hill top position, with the ocean crashing over the reef to your back and a fresh water dam to the front. The only road in, goes over the dam wall, so the council has to dam well maintain it...hee-hee.

Did I mention that its 3 acres? Or for you Americans and vintage Australians, that’s 1.2 hectares. No, of course it doesn't have mains power, water or sewage. What sort of Dooms Day Prepper are you? Can't get lost with a power bill.

There is not another freehold block within half a kilometre. I know right!!!

So if you’re a dooms day prepper, or just want, to tell the world to get stuffed, this is block is for you.

Remember that somewhere, out there, is someone else that has read this and said, “F#!k Yah!!

So, don’t twiddle your thumbs for long or you could stay, stuck where you are f-o-r-e-v-e-r....

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Features of the property

  • Vacant Land

Lifestyle Features

  • Boating
  • Family friendly
  • Ocean Views


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